2023/2/20(Mon)- SÎNUS


現行の前衛から古典に渡り、世界各地で絶え間なく繰り広げられる録音・再生芸術の息吹・音の魔力を穏やかに伝える実験音楽月経イベント“SÎNUS”。 今回はゲストに下北沢BONUS TRACKの一角に店舗を構えるレコードストアpianola records店主兼レーベルconatala主宰者・國友洋平氏をお迎えし、新月となる2月20日に開催いたします 是非お越しください!

Date: Monday, 20th Feburary, 2023
Venue: Violetta Shibuya

Open: 19:00 ~ Midnight
Music Charge: 1500 yen

Music Assemblage by: guest: Yohei Kunitomo hosts: Noctidice | oi | Jammid
Graphic-transmission by: nwk

Yohei Kunitomo [國友 洋平]: @pianola_records | conatala_ongaku An owner/storekeeper of “pianora records”, one of the most unique physical stores located in the area of BONUS TRACK, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Also a founder of a record label/collective ‘conatala’, well known for the first ever reissue of “繭” by Pale Cocoon as their debut release.

oi: A long living expert/Music-Assembler focusing on Avant-garde/Experimental/Sound Art. One of the solid residents of the event “ideala” (@ideala_jpn / at @forestlimit_info).


Jammid: @jammid__ A keen DJ/Music-Assembler who manipulates deep acting sub grooves/atmosphere. One half of organizers/resident Valkyrie for the party “1063” (at @knockkoenji).

Noctidice: @noctidice / @nwk_graphworks A specific moniker for psychoacoustic compounding & reprojection by a man who is active under various monikers in the independent music culture & industry over two decades. A resident DJ/Music-Assembler of the events “Zazou” (at @knockkoenji), “OSMOSIS” (cosponsored by @art_into_life.jp) and “SPELLBOUND” (at @music.bar.lynch). A mastermind of the visual covering production “nwk”.