2023/5/15(Mon)- SÎNUS


現行の前衛から古典に渡り世界各地で絶え間なく繰り広げられる録音・再生芸術の息吹・音の魔力を穏やかに伝える、第3月曜定例イベント“SÎNUS”、先頃出版された『アナログレコードにまつわるエトセトラ』や『ソ連ファンク 共産グルーヴ・ディスクガイド』等の著者として、またRed Funk提唱者としても知られる山中明氏をお招きし、5月15日開催いたします。

Date: Monday, 15th May 2023
Venue: Violetta Shibuya
Open: 19:00 ~ Midnight
Music Charge: 1500 yen

Music Assemblage by: guest: Akira Yamanaka hosts: Hal | Kozmi | oi | Noctidice

Graphic-transmission by nwk

– Akira Yamanaka [山中 明] (guest): An advocator/author who writes columns and comics for various media to contribute to the development of the esoteric side of vinyl culture that breaths under the radar. Known for the works “Soviet Funk Communist Groove Disc Guide”, a disc guide for the extensive groove in the Soviet Era and “PSYCHEDELIC MOODS – Young Persons Guide To Psychedelic Music USA/CANADA Edition”, the first ever Japanese Psychedelic Rock disc guide, etc.

– Hal: vinyl A young blood who specializes in Postmodernism & Beat Generation, diving into the bush of Avant-garde from the deck of enthusiasm for the musical context and embodiment. The pure dynamism.

– Kozmi: A natural-born kosmic blues charmer soaring between zenith and nadir. Also swings as a curator of “ai-ai-gasa [相合傘]”, a serial party held at Sound Bar Pure’s on every Thursday.

– oi: A long living ultimate expert focusing on Avant-garde/Experimental/Sound Art or lethal kind of obscure music and anti-music. One of the solid residents of the event “ideala”.

– Noctidice: A specific moniker as a music-assembler exclusively for psychoacoustic compounding & reprojection by a man who is long active as a composer/producer/audio engineer/founder of physical labels/graphic designer under various monikers in secret around the valley of independent music culture. Currently stands as a host of the suggestive events “Zazou”, “OSMOSIS” and “SPELLBOUND”. A mastermind of the visual covering production “nwk”.