2023/7/17(Mon / Holiday)- SÎNUS


昨年10月開催の『SÎNUS』第二回において初ゲストとしてお迎えして以来の再登壇、現代最尖鋭出版社のひとつカンパニー社/p.minor代表・工藤遥氏による実験的且つ挑発的な選曲・ミックスと共に、7月19日に開催いたします 是非

Monday 17th July 2023
Open: 19:00 ~ Midnight
Music Charge: 1500 yen

Music Assemblage by: guest: Haruka Kudo hosts: Kaede Adachi | oi | Noctidice
Graphic-transmission by nwk

– Haruka Kudo [工藤遥]:
A representative director of “COMPANYSHA Ltd. [カンパニー社」”, one of the earnest publishers in Japan specially focusing on solid subjects that breath in the minor/obscure culture since 2017 as well as “p.minor”, a record label/mail-order service. Delivers full of experimental mixes for the night exclusively! COMPANYSHA Ltd. [カンパニー社]: http://companysha.com/ p.minor: http://p-minor.com/

– Kaede Adachi:
A young enthusiastic explorer & evangelist of Modern/Contemporary Japanese Music [現代邦楽], researching though active deep listening experience with a unique vision. One of the founding members of the event “三々五々” (at @knockkoenji).

– oi:
An ultimate expert focusing on Avant-garde/Experimental/Sound Art or lethal kind of obscure music and anti-music. One of the solid residents at the event “ideala” (@ideala_jpn / at @forestlimit_info).

– Noctidice:
A specific moniker as a music-assembler by a man who is long active as a composer/producer/audio engineer/graphic designer/founder of the labels under various monikers in secret around the valley of independent music culture. A founder/resident at “Zazou” (at @knockkoenji), “OSMOSIS” (cooperated w/@art_into_life.jp), “SPELLBOUND” (at @music.bar.lynch). A mastermind of “nwk”.