2023/8/28(Mon)- SÎNUS



現行の前衛から古典に渡り時を跨いで世界各地で絶え間なく繰り広げられる録音・再生芸術の息吹・音の魔力、それらを登壇する選曲陣各々が異射角にあやとりする、第3月曜定例イベント『SÎNUS』 今回は第4月曜に開催

大阪はEssential Storeの店内音響演出ミックスでも高名、また祐天寺SEINにて不定期開催されるイベント『artma swarupa』を主催する音の求道者Yusuke Kato氏が愈々登壇いたします
今回は氏が長年に渡り歩き録り貯めた日本の源宗教の一つの形、陰陽石のスライドショーも上映 また、ヴィンテージの無地生地にこだわりのモチーフをシルクスクリーンで施した準一点物氏謹製のTシャツやトートバッグ、mix-CDの物販もございま 何れも22時までの限定展開になりますので、是非ともオープンよりお越しください

Monday August 28th, 2023
Violetta Shibuya
Open: 19:00 ~ Midnight
Music Charge: 1500 yen

Music Assemblage by:
guest: Yusuke Kato
hosts: Hal | oi | Noctidice
Graphic-transmission by nwk

– Yusuke Kato:
「響き」を求め、音を採取しながら動き回る音響ヴァガボンド。 大阪のEssential StoreのBGMとしておなじみ、自己探求Mixシリーズで研鑽活動中。
An onkyo-vagabond who moves around while finding, collecting and mixing sounds in search of “響き [hibiki]”. Known for the works of self-exploration mix series for Essential Store, Osaka as well as a founder of the event “Artma Swarupa” randomly held at SEIN, Yutenji. Delivers sound-mixing & image-screening for the night. Also limited official merchandise (mixes, clothes, etc.) is available till 22:00 https://lightgreenleaves.tumblr.com/

– Hal:
One of the most intensive young blood who specializes in Postmodernism & Beat Generation, diving into the bush of Avant-garde that includes the deep heat of Post-Punk/Industrial Music/Musique Concrète/Sound Poetry from the deck of enthusiasm for the musical context and embodiment.

– oi:
An ultimate expert as a man of artisanry for the selection of Avant-garde/Experimental/Sound Art or lethal kind of obscure music and anti-music. One of the solid residents at the event “ideala”.

– Noctidice:
A specific moniker as a music-assembler by a man who is long active as a composer/producer/audio engineer/graphic designer/founder of the labels under various monikers in secret around the valley of independent music culture. A founder/resident at “ZAZOU”, “OSMOSIS” and “SPELLBOUND”. A mastermind of “nwk”.