2024/1/15(Mon)- SÎNUS



The first fizz of “SÎNUS” in 2024 is coming on 15th January

An evening woven by the mystery of music & sound that engraved in various domains from ancient to contemporary world; all tonal nuances delivered in a unique way from the viewpoint of each act, reinterpreting the musical context and observing the homology of sonic magic in detail.

SÎNUS always opens as a rhizome for a unique way of listening, hearing or feeling.

Welcome to a mad Monday.

Monday January 15th, 2024
Violetta Shibuya
Open: 19:00 ~ Midnight
Music Charge: 1500 yen

Music-Assemblage by
Kaede Adachi / Hal / oi / Noctidice

Graphic-transmission by nwk

Kaede Adachi:

A young enthusiastic explorer & evangelist of Modern/Contemporary Japanese Music [現代邦楽].
One of the founding members of the event “三々五々” (at knockkoenji).

An intensive young blood for the musical context and embodiment, who specializes in Postmodernism, Beat Generation or Avant-garde that includes the deep heat of Post-Punk/Industrial Music/Musique Concrète/Sound Poetry.

An ultimate archivist as a man of artisanry for the selection of lethal kind of obscure music.
One of the solid residents at the event “ideala” (@ideala_jpn / @forestlimit_info).

A specific moniker for music-assembling by a man who is long active in the valley of independent music culture.
A founder/resident of “ZAZOU” (at knockkoenji), “OSMOSIS” (w/ art into life) and “SPELLBOUND” (at music.bar.lynch).
One of the solid residents at the event “ideala”.
A mastermind of “nwk”.